UPDATED: Rather than being postponed for a third time, the Daniel Levy Sector Plan amendment/Zoning change request was tabled. This means the issue remains on the agenda, but cannot be voted on until it is first voted to be un-tabled. Once an agenda item is voted to be un-tabled, the item can be voted on the following month. The item was tabled at the request of the Planning Commission, most likely due to the number of postponements.

As of April 10th, the Sector Plan amendment and Zoning Change request by Daniel Levy, representing Boyd Hollow Resorts (Ancient Lore Village), was on the agenda, with a third postponement to be voted on. When the Planning Commission held their meeting on the 11th, the issue had been withdrawn at the request of the applicant.

Keep the Urban Wilderness Peaceful suspects this is due to the additional land purchase, and it is assumed that they will submit a new, revised application, so keep your eyes out for this. We encourage everyone to sign up for the Planning Commission’s email newsletter. We will continue to post updates here as we become aware of them.