If you’re concerned about how Ancient Lore Village and other zoning changes in south Knox County could damage the environment and destroy the peace and natural beauty of our area, here’s how you can help:

Please email our Planning Commission (MPC) members, Mayor Jacobs, and our county commissioners! They need to be aware of how much opposition there is to this project, and the only way that can happen is if they hear from us! Below is a list of email addresses that includes a few other folks who might be able to help us or provide information.

Knoxville/Knox County Planning Commission

commission@knoxplanning.org (goes to all 15 commissioners)

Gerald Green, Executive Director: gerald.green@knoxplanning.org

Knox County Commissioners

Carson Dailey (District 9, our district): carson.dailey@knoxcounty.org

Larsen Jay (at large): larsen.jay@knoxcounty.org

Justin Biggs (at large): justin.biggs@knoxcounty.org

Hugh Nystrom (4th District, Chairman): hugh.nystrom@knoxcounty.org

Michele Carringer (2nd District, Vice Chairman): michele.carringer@knoxcounty.org

Evelyn Gill (District 1): evelyn.gill@knoxcounty.org

Randy Smith (District 3): randy.smith@knoxcounty.org

John Schoonmaker (District 5): john.schoonmaker@knoxcounty.org

Brad Anders (District 6): brad.anders@knoxcounty.org

Charles Busler (District 7): charles.busler@knoxcounty.org

Richie Beeler (District 8): richie.beeler@knoxcounty.org

County Mayor: Glenn Jacobs: county.mayor@knoxcounty.org (note: messages sent to this email address get forwarded to several people, some of whose email addresses bounce)


Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero: mayor@knoxvilletn.gov

Stephanie Welch, Knoxville City Council member, District 1 (includes South Knoxville): swelch@knoxvilletn.gov

Rebekah Montgomery, Urban Wilderness Coordinator: rmontgomery@knoxvilletn.gov

Knoxville Transportation Planning Organization (they are conducting a massive study on Chapman Hwy traffic) – Mike Conger: mike.conger@knoxtrans.org

Get Involved!

The rewards of community involvement go far beyond Ancient Lore Village. Our county commission, city council, and planning commission welcome community involvement, and their meetings are open to the public. The Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission is especially interested in feedback and participation from residents in formulating our Sector Plans, which determine the future direction of zoning and land use requirements. Sign up for our email updates, or find out more at the following links:

Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission meetings     You can sign up for email notifications from any page on their site

Knox County Commission meetings

Knoxville City Council meetings

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