It might seem like an oxymoron, but it’s not. With both West and North Knoxville’s development expanding rapidly and with little forethought in planning, South Knoxville is undoubtedly the next “path of progress” and residents in the community recognize this. Keep the Urban Wilderness Peaceful is not opposed to development. We support progress that benefits the community and enhances its potential while preserving the urban wilderness heritage that is beloved by its established residents, while attracting newcomers who want to settle here. Responsible development goes beyond short-term profit by enriching what we already have.

Keep the Urban Wilderness Peaceful strongly agrees with the goals of the current South Sector Plan regarding commercial development in our area. The Knoxville and Knox County sector plans were developed by the Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission working closely with members of the communities. And the south county community’s wishes are clear when it comes to General Commercial zoning:

Such land use classification and related zoning should not be extended because of the adverse effects on traffic-carrying capacity, safety and environmental impacts.

–South County Sector Plan, page 54

Residential neighborhoods should remain residential. Commercial development should focus on redeveloping existing, vacant commercial space. In particular, Responsible Development in South Knox County emphasizes the following:

  • Preserving our Urban Wilderness heritage, not only in the existing, delineated parks, but preserving its feel throughout rural and agricultural residential areas.
  • Keeping development in rural and agricultural areas low-density, to minimize environmental impacts.
  • Being good stewards of our natural resources, including our watersheds, hillsides and ridgetops, and the area’s natural beauty.
  • Ensuring that any construction or modifications on ridgetops or on hillsides over 15-degree slope is done in compliance with the Knox County Hillside and Ridgetop Protection Plan.
  • Keeping residential neighborhoods residential, and preserving their character and natural beauty.

Responsible development the Keep the Urban Wilderness Peaceful way ensures a better South Knoxville/Knox County, and a better world to be enjoyed for generations to come.