The developer of a proposed fantasy-themed resort in South Knox County is seeking to build more than double the number of recommended dwellings for the 37-acre site.The Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission staff conducted a slope/density analysis of the property along Nixon and John Norton roads after businessman Tom Boyd applied for rezoning and an amendment to the South County Sector Plan on Dec. 21, 2018.

Boyd is proposing building 150 houses and tree houses as part of Ancient Lore Village, if he can get the land rezoned from agricultural to planned commercial and the sector plan amended from low-density residential to general commercial.

The Planning staff analysis shows the maximum density guideline for the property to be 74 units or dwellings, less than half of what Boyd is proposing. The analysis, obtained by Keep the Urban Wilderness Peaceful under a public records request, shows a maximum density guideline of 1.78 units per acre, while Boyd is proposing 3.61.

The Planning staff shared this information with ALV representatives months ago.

The analysis does not factor in Boyd’s proposed restaurant, event center, amphitheater, taverns or parking lots.

The analysis examined 41.6 acres of property as submitted by Boyd, with only 4.57 acres considered non-hillside. Sloped land totaled 37.03 acres. A breakdown of the analysis shows 7.88 acres with 0-15% slope; 8-31 acres with 15-20% slope; 11.95 acres with 25-40% slope and 8.89 acres with greater than 40% slope.

The recommended density for the number of dwellings per acre depends on the slope, but Boyd’s proposal far exceeds the maximum number recommended.

“KUWP wants to be sure that the protections, care and concerns as outlined in the Hillside and Ridge Protection plan become codified and enforceable, not just recommendations that commissioners can sidestep,” said Corinne Rovetti, a founding member of the group.

Boyd’s rezoning/amendment application was postponed from the Planning agenda on Feb. 14, the date it was to be heard, and remained postponed until it was tabled unexpectedly May 9. It remains in limbo, although ALV representatives say it will be brought before Planning at some point.

The Planning staff told ALV representatives from the beginning, after a site visit and review of the general plans, the proposal did not meet rezoning criteria, and Gerald Green, executive director of KKCPC, said he told them he could not support the project as proposed.

Land Density Guidelines (click for larger image)