In mid-May, Boyd Hollow Resorts submitted a new use-on-review Rural Retreat application for their wedding and event venue.

They had a Rural Retreat use-on-review approved in March. This application is for a much larger venue, similar to the  wedding venue plans initially submitted in January that were later revised after community feedback came in. The main difference from what was approved in March and this proposal is the addition of an 8,000-sq. ft. event hall that would include offices, restrooms, and a kitchen. No additional land has been added for consideration, so this is for the same 41 acres in the original event venue application, as well as the revised version that received approval. As such, it does not meet the minimum 50 acres required by county ordinance to have a kitchen or permanent event space.

Boyd Hollow Resorts is asking for exceptions to be made to the ordinance in proposing this large banquet facility and kitchen. KUWP does not support special treatment being given to developers, particularly when the requested land use is of an intensity that will almost certainly adversely affect the surrounding community.

If you agree that Ancient Lore Village should remain the smaller venue approved in March, and that the developer should not receive special treatment, please email the Planning Commission and voice your concerns.