The Sector Plan is a 15-Year Plan that includes goals, policies and proposals to guide the growth of a sector, or region, of Knox County, including the city of Knoxville. The focus of the Plan is physical development; consequently, land use, transportation and community facilities are its key elements.

The adopted plan will be used on a month to month basis by the Planning Commission as the guide to zoning and subdivision decisions. A five-year improvement program will also be prepared, outlining projects to improve roads, parks, schools, and other facilities.

The South County Sector Plan limits General Commercial zoning to existing commercial areas, and states that “such land use classification and related zoning should not be extended because of the adverse effects on traffic-carrying capacity, safety and environmental impacts.”

Amending the Sector Plan requires one of the three conditions below to be met:

  1. Changes of conditions warranting amendment of the land use plan / introduction of significant new roads or utilities that were not anticipated in the plan and make development more feasible 
  2. An obvious or significant error or omission in the plan
  3. Trends in development, population or traffic that warrant reconsideration of the original plan proposal

–from Knoxville-Knox County Planning, “Sectors and Sector Plans

Keep the Urban Wilderness Peaceful posits that the sector plan amendment proposal for Ancient Lore Village meets none of these requirements. No new roads or additional utilities have been introduced in this area since the adoption of the current South County Sector Plan. There are no obvious errors or omissions in the South County Sector Plan. Public policy has not shifted to allow for an extension of General Commercial zoning. There are no apparent trends in development, population growth or traffic in this area that would warrant amending the sector plan.